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STABILO EASYergo 1.4 Mechanical Pencil Holder/Grip Stationery Writing Pencil for Kids Left Right Handers

Value Set (V.Set) contains Lead Refill 6pcs and Legacy 1186 eraser

1.4mm HB lead requires no sharpening.

Ergonomically designed for children who are learning to write & aged 8 years old and over.

Product Description:
The STABILO EASYergo 1.4 mm pencil is a specially designed refillable mechanical pencil that was developed with a child’s hand in mind. The result is an ergonomic product ideally suited for all those eager junior writers out there. The 1.4mm HB lead requires no sharpening. The non-slip grip zone and cushioned tip provide a relaxed hand posture and this means that only minimal pressure is required for effortless writing and drawing.

Product Features:

* IF product design award 2010.
* Innovative, ergonomic pen design - specially developed for children aged 8 and over.
* Available for right-handers and left-handers.
* Soft rubber grip zone which prevents slipping and does not hurt delicate fingers. It's build with TPE plastic which is anti-fouling and wear-resistant.
* 1.4mm HB lead requires no sharpening
* The molded grip zone guides children to the ideal tripod grip to prevent strain.
* Particularly safe for children, because the pen only has 3 parts.
* With space for a name tag.
* Container of 6 refill leads also available.|* PP plastic + MABS plastic materials made the pencil more stronger.


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