Correction tape is an alternative to correction fluid used to correct mistakes during typing, or, in some forms, handwriting. One side of the tape, which is placed against the area to cover, is coated in a white, opaque masking material. Pressure applied to the other side of the tape transfers this material to the paper. Unlike correction fluid, the covered area can be written on it immediately after applying.

- Tape size: 5mm x 6m

- Strong, tear-proof film resists breaking

- Make corrections quickly, accurately and efficiently.

- Instant corrections with no mess.

- Ergonomic applicator design for ultimate comfort

- Quantity: 3 / Pack of 3

- Pack of 3 ( Random 3 colours)

( Black, Green, Orange, Red and Pink)

The item is packed in advance, changing colour is not permitted.


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Type: Correction tape

Type of tape: Plastic tape type

Length of tape: 5mm x 6m

Size of correction tape: 2cm x 1.5cm x 8.3 cm

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