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1. STABILO Exam Grade Pencils - Box of 12
- Specially designed for darker shading and easily read by exam sheet scanner.
- Comes in a box of 12pcs 2B pencil.
- Soft, dark lead for filing in multiple-choice questionnaires confidently and clearly.
- Does not leave residue on documents when erased.
- Hexagonal shape with 2.5mm lead for faster shading coverage.

2. STABILO Exam Grade Sharpeners (2 pieces)
- Stopper to prevent over sharpening the leads
- Superior quality with anti-rust treatment blade for reliable sharpening and durability
- Razor sharp blade gives smooth sharpening, minimizes lead breakage.

3. STABILO Exam Grade 1191E Erasers (2 pieces)
Exam Grade - Specially designed to erase on exam sheet ( minimum gripping on thin exam paper)
Dust free - eraser bits clump together to avoid messiness
Exam Sheet Scanner Compliant - erases cleanly, leaving minimal traces. Tested with actual machine sheet scanner.

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