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Even the pencil is now entering the digital age – thanks to a simple yet ingenious innovation from STABILO!

All you need to get online with a pencil is a little piece of plastic: the new STABILO on. Simply attach it to a pencil, and it becomes a stylus. Thanks to a small plate of conductive film, the STABILO on can be used to operate tablets and smartphones – precisely, easily and reliably.

The STABILO on is available in a characteristic red color and consists of two parts. The tip is made of a piece of conductive film which transfers the movements of the tip of your pencil onto the touchscreen. On the base, a red attachment securely holds the stylus adapter in place.

  • Each set comes with 6x Othello Hexagonal Graphite Pencils in 2B Grade and 1x STABILO on touch-screen adapter

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