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Make learning to write a colourful affair! Develop the little ones' fine motor skills through play with EASYgraph Pics2mix.

Pics2mix Instructions:

  1. Each player is given a plain sheet of paper
  2. The playing cards with different shapes are spread out in the middle
  3. While the hourglass starts to run, each player tries to draw something creative with all the symbols 
  4. Points are awarded for the number of symbols used in the picture
  5. The first person to reach 15 points is declared the winner!
  • Each Pics2mix set comes with 1 EASYgraph, 16 playing cards, 1 hourglass timer (3 minutes), 1 score pad, 1 drawing pad,1 ergonomic sharpener and 1 instruction leaflet
  • Please note that this set comes with an EASYgraph pencil for righthanders

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