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Aquacolor ARTY Whimsical Bottle House Art Workshop


Watercolour pencils are an extremely versatile art medium. There are many painting effects one can achieve with watercolour pencils. In this workshop, you will be able to learn the techniques and create this lovely Whimsical Bottle House piece.

Why watercolour pencils?

Watercolour pencils look just like regular colour pencils. The difference lies in the ability to use these watercolour pencils to create effects similar to that of watercolour paint - just by adding water!

This is because the binding in watercolour pencil pigments is water-soluble. When water is added, the binding releases more pigments, resulting in vivid and intense colours.

Workshop & Workshop Pack

In this 2-hour workshop, our educator will first introduce and teach various beginner techniques on how to use watercolour pencils. Next, practise some of the techniques on a “Balloon House” template provided in the watercolour pad. Once comfortable with the colours and use of watercolour pencils, you will proceed to sketch and colour a Whimsical Bottle House piece. Recommended for 6 to 15 years old.

With the purchase of this STABILO Aquacolor ARTY Watercolour Colouring Pencils Workshop Pack, you can sign up for one session of workshop. 

Sessions available for selection:

1) 16 Jan 2022 (Sun) 2-4pm - In person workshop (SOLD OUT)

2) 22 Jan 2022 (Sat) 4-6pm - In person workshop (SOLD OUT)

In-person workshop venue: IMM Building #04-04 

Terms and conditions of workshop:

In person workshop is arranged based on prevailing COVID-19 measures, if regulations are changed, we will change to a virtual workshop instead. By selecting the date and time pack and completing the purchase, your registration for the session will be confirmed. An email will be sent within 2 working days of purchase confirmation. Any changes to the registered date and time will be subjected to approval on case-by-case basis. No refund will be entertained if customers fail to attend the workshops as per schedule.

Workshop is conducted by Petit Atelier Art School.

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