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Learn to write with EASYStart EASYergo 3.15 + Alphabet Tracing Workbook

There is no better gift for your child than to give the gift of writing to get them started in learning.There is no doubt that learning to write can be a tough, but the right tools can make things easier. Good learning in school starts with the basics of writing so that teachers know what child writing and in order for child not to hate writing, we should provide the right tools for child. Practice writing with EASYergo becomes easy with a complimentary alphabet and numbers tracing workbook. Get started with good handwriting today.The EASYergo 3.15mm Mechanical Pencil is designed to help young children to get a good grip in writing.

STABILO EASYergo 3.15 is the ergonomic pencil for beginners.
- Innovative, ergonomic pen design
- specially developed for children aged 5 and over.
- Soft rubber grip zone which prevents slipping and does not hurt delicate fingers. - Extra thick 3.15mm HB lead which provides firm writing support and it does not break easily.
- The molded grip zone guides children to the ideal tripod grip to prevent strain
- Particularly safe for children, because the pen only has 2 parts
- Mechanical learner pencil in 2 versions for left- or right-handed learners
- Each pencil comes with an ergonomic sharpener
- Made in Germany
- For right-handers: pink/lilac, light blue/dark blue
- For left-handers: pink/lilac, light blue/dark blue

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