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Lyanna has found a new interest, Calligraphy. After spending so much time on keyboards, she enjoys the freedom of writing with fountain pens. There is something therapeutic about putting words on premium Tomoe River paper with a classic pen nib.

Imagine a Made in Germany fountain pen that comes in 6 trendy designs.  With a flexible, high quality pen nib and a non-slip grip zone, every user will enjoy the neat and smooth writing experience.

beCrazy! is the latest trendy fountain pen from STABILO!

  • beCrazy! comes in a thin pen body design and is available in 2 design themes: Tribal & Sport
  • Each theme has 3 designs so there is a total of 6 trendy designs to choose from
  • The non-slip grip zone makes it suitable for right and lefthanded users
  • Each pen comes with a high quality ink feed for a perfect ink flow
  • The medium nib (0.5mm) suits most handwriting styles
  • The pen comes included with 1 no-mess blue ink cartridge

For Every Style. For Every Personality.


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