Bring your pictures to life~

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 Every child loves using their STABILO coloured pencils and adding their unique touch to their favourite characters. With the proliferation of augmented reality technology, each child can now watch their coloured-in characters come to life with only a touch of a button! An app created by STABILO installed on a tablet or mobile phone is all that is needed to get started on this special analogue and digital experience as each child watches their virtual character take on the individual colours of the original. This makes each 3D animation unique and makes it fun colouring the characters over & over again. This process is simply child's play. Just follow the simple steps below: The free STABILO 3D Colors app can be downloaded from App Store or from Google Play. The 8 specially designed colouring templates can be downloaded from this link to get you started on your colourful journey. In addition, there is a camera function in the app for anyone who wants to share their virtual 3D works of art or take selfies to share them with their friends or families. Join in the fun of augmented reality and get started on this colourful journey today~